Game Changer Paint Booth Filters

The Patented BowTie Filter is easily the best-performing, longest lasting paint booth filter on the market

Value + Quality

Our patented BowTie filters last up to 22 times longer when compared to traditional pad filters.

How They Work

We incorporated directional air flow into the filters, which allows us to control where and how material being sprayed will gather. This has also allowed us to create a clean surface within the filter, which will allow the filter to continually breath. Thus, creating the longest lasting exhaust filter in existence.

How BowTie Filters were created

In visiting different factories and facilities with spray booths, we discovered the need for a new system in the filtration industry.

Different companies were experiencing frequent change-outs and were complaining about poor air quality. We first came up with this new concept by making multiple prototypes that offered directional air flow. Through testing, tweaking, and production we have perfected a new system that solves those many issues.

We now have patented technology, and have other patents & patents pending that you'll know about soon!

Paint Applications


Why Switch to Bowtie?

Here are just a handful of benefits you'll experience when switching to our patented industrial Bow Tie filters for your company's filtration needs:
  • Fewer change-outs
  • Less defects
  • More consistent air flow
  • Better booth balancing
  • Less waste
  • A cleaner working environment
  • More production
  • Fewer stack cleanings
  • Energy savings
  • Faster change-outs
  • Happier employees
  • Cost savings
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