BowTie® Patented Paint Booth Filters are the best, longest-lasting filters in the industry

BowTie Filters

BowTie Filters are the longest-lasting Paint Spray Booth Filters on the market. 

Armed with several international patents, Walk Industrial has created the new standard in the paint booth industry.

Ways for you to save and improve with BowTie Filters:

1) LABOR COSTS: Fewer change-outs, leads to less labor

2) HAZARDOUS DISPOSAL: Longer-Lasting filters reduce waste

3) IMPROVED CLEANER SPRAY & AIR QUALITY: Significantly less blowback leads to the best finish and air quality in the industry

4) INCREASE PRODUCTION: Less time changing out filters dramatically increases the amount of product that can be finished.

5) OVERALL COST: Although BowTie filters cost slightly more than standard filters, due to the amount of work that goes into making them, the cost-savings across the board are very significant.  When taking all savings, improved air quality for employees, better finish, and increased production into account, NO OTHER FILTER COMES EVEN CLOSE.


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