NEW PRODUCT ALERT! BowTie® Paint Filters for Durr® EcoPaint Booths

Durr® has done an exceptional job implementing their ExoPaint X Trolley Booth system throughout numerous automotive facilities.  Unfortunately, the available filters for these systems have always been in need of improvement.

To date, the only filter systems available for the EcoPaint system have been cardboard filter boxes, which definitely have some downfalls.


1) When pre-assembled, they take up a lot of valuable space & are very expensive to ship, & when built in-house, take up a lot of valuable workers & time.

2) Non-Optimized Filters that only pull through the rear of the box

3) The entire filter box unit needs to be changed out every time it is full, costing even more money

4) Paper cardboard particles can be evident in finished product

5) Hazardous waste is very high due to the huge size of the boxes, that can't be broken down


Walk Industrial has created an Internationally Patented filter system for the Durr® EcoPaint system that counters EVERY SINGLE ONE of these issues.


1) Simple Pop-Up Surround Box that fits into the EcoPaint openings, with internal strips to hold a BowTie® Filter in place; and they Ship Flat!

BowTie® Filter Patented System Surround Box for Durr® EcoPaint Booth

2) Patented BowTie® Filters customized specifically for this system, allowing airflow through not only the back, but also the top, bottom, and sides of the filters.  This greatly increases airflow, adds significant filter life, & reduces blowback.  Customers are seeing 25-30% increased filter life vs other filter options, greatly reducing clean-up and change-out labor.

BowTie® Filter Patented for Durr® EcoPaint Booth

3) With most finishes, the Surround Box can be used over and over, as filters are interchanged when full.  This decreases overall cost significantly compared to all other systems.

4) No Cardboard! Instead, Walk Industrial uses 100% recycled corrugated poly for the surround boxes.  This improves the finish without the need to worry about airborne paper particles.

5) Minimal hazardous waste because the BowTie® Filters are changed less often, and they take up much less space during disposal.

6) Patented Grid Guards® can also be utilized between filters to make clean-up even easier.

Grid Guard® for Durr® EcoPaint Booth Trolley

As you can see above, there are quite a few significant benefits of the Walk Industrial system.  Please contact us at so we can put you in contact with one of our specialized distributors for trials.

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